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Sophie with James Beattie

Our Patrons

James and Sarah Beattie

James met Sophie whilst he was captain of Southampton Football Club and an England player. He had gone to Norwood School as part of the Flybe Soccer in the Community scheme to teach youngsters footballing skills. Sophie told him all about her illness and the treatment that she was going through. James was so inspired that he asked her to be his mascot for the match against Newcastle on 19th September 2004.

Sarah met Sophie when she and James visited her at home several times. Sarah said ‘She was such an inspirational, courageous little girl. She melted our hearts instantly.’

When Sarah and James married they asked that instead of wedding gifts, a donation be made to Sophie’s Appeal in Sophie’s memory. Over £7000.00 was raised!

Sarah and James became our patrons when the charity formed in 2005 and have worked closely with us and hard for us to help us meet our aims.

Our Trustees

Mike Barringer – Treasurer & Sophie’s Daddy
Lin Barringer – Trustee & Sophie’s Mummy
Matt Hurricks – Chair Person
Julie Lacey – Secretary
Kelly Griffiths – Sophie’s Rainbow Retreat Manager
Lizzie – Trustee
Donna Stroud – Trustee
Rosemary Duffy – Trustee

The remit of the Trust is to ensure the accountability of the Trust to the Charities Commission.


Northbrook Children’s Ward

Sophie received some of her treatment on Northbrook Ward at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester. It was known as her ‘shared care’ hospital.

It was during a stay on Northbrook Ward that Sophie’s dad struck up a conversation about helping to provide modern facilities for outpatient children. The idea for Sophie’s Place was born.

Sophie’s Place is a purpose designed area of Northbrook Children’s Ward for treating children for routine treatment, tests, referrals from GP’s and more. Sophie’s Appeal helped fund the decor, flooring, wall murals and furnishings enabling the hospital to concentrate on providing modern, efficient medical equipment.

The newly opened reception area on the ward provides a warm, friendly yet secure entrance to the ward where you can be greeted. The area also provides a quiet room for breastfeeding and a toilet for patient use. This was provided thanks to a grant of £80,000

Piam Brown Children’s Cancer Ward

Sophie had most of her treatment on Piam Brown at Southampton General Hospital. It was here that, while spending weeks at her side, Sophie’s mum and dad decided that they wanted to raise money to help improve the environment for both children and parents on the ward.

From our first few fundraising events, we donated money for the ward to replace all of the curtains and bedspreads to bring instant freshness to the ward. Some of the money was also used to buy a new cooker used to cook special meals for children while on the ward.

Beads of Courage

In 2004 we funded a special project called Beads of Courage where children collect beads for all the treatment they receive and also certain milestones in both their life and their treatment. This project is really important as it helps the children explain their treatment to others and as a reminder of how far they have come.

Sophie’s Surprises

We continue to fund Sophie’s Surprises. These are days out for children to help them escape the stresses and strains of hospital life and include theatre trips and days out at theme parks.


We funded a research project at Southampton General Hospital headed up by Sophie’s consultant Dr Jan Kohler. This project made groundbreaking research that was published worldwide.

We currently help fund a research project at University College, London. Headed up by Prof. Kathy Pritchard Jones this project provides research into the molecular biology of childhood Wilms’ Tumour to give children the best chance of a long-term cure without undue risky and potentially damaging side-effects.