Mike’s Great South Run

Earlier this year, Mike was challenged to take part in the Bupa Great South Run in Portsmouth.

With the help of friend, Hayley Richardson, Mike pounded the streets of Eastleigh whilst shedding the pounds in preparation for the run.

Come race day, he still hadn’t made the 10 mile mark but, having lost over 3.5 stone was as ready as ever. The GSR Sophie's Appealweather was ideal for the run and surrounded by friends and colleagues from the Southampton Airport and with the knowledge that so many supporters of Sophie’s Appeal had sponsored him to complete the challenge there was just a small matter of 10 miles ahead!

He thinks it’s all over…
Mike completed the run in just over 1 hour and 51 minutes and thanks to the generosity of his supporters raised over £500 for the charity.

Thanks Mike…what’s next?