Sophie’s Appeal Retreat Mobile

So top news this week… The retreat has been going so well, filled with families that need a break away from hospital life.

As a trust we needed a vehicle to transport all the donations, gifts, wishlist items and of course Kelly to and from the retreat so she can clean it in between each family and so the retreat can be made truly magical.

Thanks to all our wonderful supporters this dream has now become a reality, not only that, huge thanks have to go to the team at Mediafleet Ltd James Parry for their kind efforts with design and printing for a very low cost and for Scott Hawkins who fitted it all in his spare time with his friend for absolutely nothing!!! ??

They have done an amazing job and we are truly thankful. We can drive it around with pride knowing many people will see what we do.

We ask a special question to all our supporters… if you see our Sophie’s Appeal van out and about and you have donated ANYTHING, please give us a little TOOT TOOT! as you drive past!!

#sharethelove #bekind #begenerousandthinkofothers #beasophiesstar #rainbowwagon ? xx

Sophie's Appeal mobile signwritten

Sophie’s Appeal Mobile