The Weasel Escaped

Escape artist and supporter of Sophie’s Appeal, Dan ‘Weasel Dandaw’ Robinson has managed a feat that even the Great Houdini refused to attempt. Dan was challenged by Pontefract Paranormal to escape from the condemned cell at York Castle prison, the same cell that the notorious highway man Dick Turpin spent his final days.

Dan was searched by a paramedic before the attempt to ensure that he was not concealing anything to aid his escape. He was then shackled and chained to the wall of the cell of York Castle Prison. The solid oak door was then closed and locked from the outside and Dan was left to try and escape.

In less than 17 minutes on Halloween, The Weasel burst from the cell to the amazement of the gathered crowd…and to the amazement of himself!

You can still show your support for this fantastic feat by texting ‘SOPH31 £3’ or however much you think Dan deserves to 70070.